Bass Guitar

After failing miserably to play guitar when I was 11, I never thought I'd play a musical instrument (although I was quite good on the recorder), but in 1993 I was hanging around Farnborough's Premier Goth band (Flowers of Sacrifice) and I had a go on their bass and seemed to be able to play it.

After buying a guitar from their bass player, I taught myself how to play it and formed a band with 3 friends called X13. It was quite a raw punky kind of band. We played some local gigs and at The Rock Garden in Covent Garden twice, The Marquee and also played in Berlin.



In 1995 the band split up, and apart for a few "studio projects" I didn't play live until 2000, where a new band was formed called Clam.
We rehearsed nearly every week, but only managed to play live no more than 10 times in 2 years, which was a shame as some of the songs we had (they were all original ones) were superb. Clam split up in early 2001 due to me moving from Farnborough to Northampton.

Slim 47 is a great band to be in. We all try to play the covers as near to the original as we can.The songs we play are great and it's always a challenge to try and play the "difficult" ones.

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