Lead Guitar - Backing Vocals

It all started for me at the end of 1989. I was leaving school and was invited to watch the sixth form review show. There was this band on and they had a really good lead guitarist. I found out he’d taught himself so I thought I could do that. So I bought a guitar and set to work jamming with anyone and to any music I could find.
I picked the guitar up quite quickly, playing by ear mainly, helped by having no job for several months! I already played the trombone in Brass Bands! So that may have helped me.

At some point I attended a local recording studio course and was told by the engineer I had a good ear for putting music together and producing it as well as an aptitude for recording, So I decided that was my thing and spent loads of money on recording equipment and set about recording Choirs, Brass bands, Orchestras and small bands for a living. I did ok for a while then got bored of the hassles of running my own business and settled into the 9 to 5 rut that I’ve been trying to get out of ever since!!

Since these early days I’ve been in and set up a few bands:-
This Way Up (Spandau Ballet meets the Average White Band)
Mystic Crew (Reggae)
Pulse (Female Fronted Rock Band)
Warehouse (Female Fronted Pop/Rock Band)
Sound Chaser (3 Girl Pop act)
Sound Chaser (same name but Female Fronted Rock Band this time)
Plus many studio and song writing collaboration projects with various singers.

I’ve played at BBC Pebble Mill, Search For A Star auditions (as a band entry)
I have many hours experience in Pro studios either helping out or being recorded. I’ve appeared on numerous radio shows with my bands, mixed and produced sound for theatre shows and played at live festivals.

So now I’m lead guitarist in Slim 47, probably the best band in town and I like it. As a band we all get on really well and musically we’re good.

Now I feel that I’m that guy I saw all those years ago at the sixth form review. If I can inspire someone to pick up an instrument and start their journey into having the fun I’ve had over the years……then all the money spent, blood, sweat, and, oh yes tears have been worth it.

Meet David E